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SunRising Creations

What is Peace?

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Perhaps it is easier to say what peace is NOT.
Peace is not stillness. The waters may be completely calm, but if you're in the eye of a hurricaine it won't be that way for long.
Peace is not lots of money. Money can't buy a good night's sleep.
Peace is not lack of activity. Resting without refreshing will put you back in the same place you were before you rested. 
Peace is not getting revenge. Revenge is always hungry for more. If you revenge yourself on your enemy, then your enemy's children will want to revenge themselves on you. Then your children will want to revenge themselves on them. Your whole family will end up watching their backs all the time.
Peace is not living somewhere safe if you're tormented by your own thoughts.
Peace is not empty.
Peace is whatever you need, when you need it. The only true peace I've found is Jesus. Everything I've written above, comes from my own life. I have lived for any bit of calm I could get. I have lived to get money and more money. I have lived in wait for a bit of rest. I have lived to get revenge. I have lived somewhere "safe" tormented by my own thoughts. Every time I thought "This is it, this (calm, money, rest, revenge) will fulfill me," I would find it empty.
The only time the calm was quieting; the money made sense; the rest was refreshing; and the revenge was not needed was when I turned to Jesus. He is the only true peace I know.

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